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Yosef has been keeping busy learning the ins and outs of keeping the base running in his new role as Community Life Leader. What does that mean? Basically he is responsible for making sure the 200 or so people at the base have a bed, food and transport; the building is in good shape, the bills are paid, and any problem that arises is fixed! He is running at the challenge and really enjoying leading and discipling the team of 20 people who work with him in this area. We just had a huge two week long city outreach for Carnaval which brought an extra 150 people to the base. Needless to say, it was a challenge! A lot of work went in behind the scenes to make it possible, but below you'll hear a little of the fruit of that outreach. In about 6 weeks we are hosting an international YWAM DNA Conference, where the founders of YWAM, Loren and Darlene Cunningham will be staying on the base and teaching attendees from all over Latin America. He and his team are currently hard at work renovating some of the older rooms, finishing some final touches of the base construction and getting the base ready for the event.

Danica is still leading the HR department on the base, overseeing the recruitment, acceptance and training of new missionaries, working with department leaders and allocating staff roles for our 100 full time staff. As well as her responsibilities with the base, Danica is loving being a mum to our rapidly growing 1 year old!

Prayer Requests:

  • For Yosef as he travels to Cancun next week to teach on the DTS. For wisdom, guidance and spiritual discernment.
  • For Danica as she continues to juggle motherhood and responsibilities at the base
  • With the growing needs of our family, we are hoping to increase our monthly support to cover our needs and enable us to have a long term future in missions
  • For our DTS teams being sent out to the Middle Ease, Japan, Peru and different areas in Mexico. many are still lacking finances and are trusting in God's provision. Pray for provision, protection, and for the nations to receive the gospel! If you would like to help one of the outreach teams financially you can contact us or donate directly at

Visit From Australia!

We started the year with a visit from Mum and Dad from Australia. We were able to share very a special time together, had a bonus spontaneous visit from Danica's brother Richard, Isaias was spoiled with attention, and we were able to celebrate an incredible milestone together. In January 2018 Dad was in hospital being prepared for palliative care, told that he didn't have long to live. January 2019 he was in Mexico with us eating tacos from our favourite street stall! We are so grateful for their visit and praise God and give him all the glory for dad's life and the health he is enjoying!

THANK YOU for supporting us financially and in prayer and encouragement so we can serve our God and the people in Mexico. We have started sharing video updates via a facebook group, but will still send newsletters out for people who either don't have facebook or who prefer to read news this way. Apologies for not getting it to you sooner!   

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